5 star reviews

Thank you readers! I finally got some reviews on Amazon. All 3 of them 🙂 turned out to be a 5 stars! Thank you! I am honored! If you have read the book, please help me spread the word by leaving a review.

IT Consulting can be a page turner..

“A novel about a (normally boring) IT consultant dealing with an unscrupulous staffing company wouldn’t constitute a page turner. But, the author carefully assembles a story which shapes the main character with their background in the military, professional, personal and questionable ethical decisions. The last half of the novel turns into a page turner as all the threads are sewn together with intrigue, federal authorities, stealthy dinner meals and more. Who knew IT consultants could lead such intense lives?”

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Very intriguing! Could not put it down – had to find out what happens next!!!

“As someone who is not familiar with the IT world, I found this book extremely interesting. I could not put it down! I had to see what’s going to happen next!!! The author does a great job explaining the tech consulting world to non techies.

The storyline about Charlie’s life is very intriguing. So many details of the story all comes together and it’s brilliantly written.

I highly recommend this book!”

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Great Story – could not put it down

“I have been an avid reader all my life and this book is a great addition to my library. This book grabs you from the first few pages and pulls you into the life of Charlie, an IT consultant originally from South Africa. If you like intrigue and solving a mystery, this book is for you. Just the right amount of detail to help the reader understand the world of banking, how the pennies add up, and the importance of shift.”

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