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When Shift Doesn’t Happen

In the world of tech consulting, not all employers and staffing companies play by the rules. Charlie O’Neal discovers this truth when a client’s project manager accidentally reveals the terms and conditions of his contract. Enraged and furious Charlie seeks revenge. This time Charlie decides not to back down from the bullies and the injustices against the young and inexperienced consultants he mentors.

He meets with one of the “three musketeers”, as the employees refer to the executives running the staffing company, and is introduced to Sir Archibald, the cat of an executive. Charlie is scared stiff, and realizes that he may just be working for the person responsible for the most tragic event in his past. When he immigrated to the USA, he tried to leave behind all memories about his past and the mysterious Sir Archibald, but it seems to have been close to him all the time.


Read my response to a friend about the book in English and in Afrikaans

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