What did you do last ‘summer’

What have I been doing for the past 18-20 months you ask? 

At 4:00 am in the morning, most, not all, I got up and made myself a cup of coffee. I walked up the squeaky stairs not to wake the sleeping beauty, and tried to reach my goal of 1000 words for the day before I go to work. I did not make it most of the time, but I kept going.

A personal friend edited my second draft in April 2018, and gave me some valuable tips. I rewrote and reorganized the plot structure and worked on it for the rest of 2018. I realized I knew nothing about writing a book, so, I studied a lot about writing and fixed a gazillion errors. 

Fast forward to 2018-12-31… Done! After 3 first drafts, one edit by a friend, and multiple personal reviews, I was ready for the next step.

I needed a cover for my first fiction novel! I called in another favor from a talented graphics designer. 

I also needed a 2nd editor to review my ‘final’ effort. This is now in process!!

I also needed to get ready for publishing, marketing, and all the other things authors do. I realized how much work it was, so, what did I do, I started my second book while the editor is busy with the first. 
Launch date will be somewhere in March 2019.

And on, Feb 12, 2019, I bought my first ISBN numbers!!

Pre-order e-book available

To pre-order, please click on the link –> When Shift Doesn’t Happen

One step at a time things are getting done! The first step was writing, now is marketing.

The e-book version is available for pre-order on kindle. The release date will be in March, and if all goes well, the 23rd of March, 2019. Why the 23 you may ask.

Thank you in advance for helping me to get the ‘word’ out. Like every other writer in the world of self publishing, my readers are key to my success. Get the book, read it, and then please review it on Amazon!

It’s time!

So, the time finally arrived to go public.

I uploaded a “not-yet-final” version of the e-book to Amazon KDP to prepare for the launch. As soon as I get the final word from my “editor”, I will make the link for pre-ordering of the e-book available.

After all these years, it is finally going to happen. The starter is ready to pull the trigger for the race to start, but the clock has not started yet.

Hold on…

Bucket list

Our bucket list.

We all have a bucket list, or rather we all “should” have a bucket list. For some time now, Mart and I had an item on our list to visit all 50 states of the USA. This will be my attempt to document our progress.

  • Alabama
    • Traveled through the state many times to get somewhere
    • Birmingham
  • Alaska:
    • WIP for 2019.
  • Arkansas:
    • Mountainview
    • Traveled through the state many times to get somewhere
  • California
    • San Fransisco – 2000
    • First place I set my foot in the Pacific Ocean
  • Delaware
    • 2000 – Work related.
  • Florida
    • Jacksonville – 1999
  • Georgia
    • Atlanta
    • Live in Marietta and Kennesaw
    • Nov 1999 – Aug 2005
  • Illinois
    • GreenBay
    • Never been so cold as in January 2003 in GreenBay
  • Kentucky
    • Louisville
    • 2004 – work
  • Louisiana
    • Alexandria – 2006
  • Massachusetts
    • Pittsfield – 2001
  • Michigan
    • Visiting the in-laws in the UP
    • Marquette
  • Mississippi
    • Tupelo
  • New Jersey
  • New York
    • Rochester
  • North Carolina
    • Asheville – 2008 or 2011
    • Grove Park Inn – gift certificate from children
  • Ohio
    • Cleveland – 2010
  • Oregon
    • Portland – 2004
  • South Carolina
    • Greenville
  • Texas
    • Austin 1999
    • First place we stayed in after immigration
  • Washington
    • Camas – 2003
  • Washington DC
    • Washington – 2001
  • West Virginia
    • Buckhannon – 2008
    • Birthplace of my 2 of my Grandkids