Meet the Author

In his debut fiction novel, author Christo Louis Nel takes his reader deeper into the life of an IT consultant outside of corporate meeting rooms. Christo has a Bachelor of Science degree, and combines it with more than three decades of IT experience, to make the story about Charlie O’Neal so real, it can just as well be true. Christo and his family emigrated legally from South Africa in 1999, became US citizens in 2010, and now live in Bartlett TN, just northeast of Memphis. He is married, have three daughters and seven grandchildren. 

Writing is a hobby for Christo. His first attempt to write a book turned into an assignment from the publisher to write a program to sort and format a dictionary for crossword puzzles. He used the proceeds from the endeavor to upgrade his own personal computer. His second attempt at writing a book was more successful, and in July 2002, he co-authored a technical book about CRM Analytics. 

Christo is currently full time employed as an IT Consultant, and plans to become a full time writer when he retires.

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