It’s all about reviews

I started this journey in August 2017 with only one goal – “Complete my first fiction novel”! Little did I know where it would take me physically and emotionally. In the process I learned a lot about myself, family, friends, the craft of writing, the publishing industry, the process of self-publishing,  and rejection.

Thank you to my family and friends who support me by reading my book. I did this for myself with you in mind. I hope you enjoy the story. 

To become successful as a writer, I discovered it is all about marketing, and more marketing! I never realized how important “likes” and “reviews” were until joined a local writers group. I knew nothing, I realized from day one. Then I did what I normally do when challenged with something new. I started to study.

First I read Stephen King’s book – “On writing”, then I read James Scott Bell’s book on  “Plot & Structure”. I read so many blogs, I got sick of it. After completing the first draft I doubted if I would ever be able to publish a book. I send a query letter to 10 different agents. Only one sent a rejection e-mail. The others didn’t even bother to send a rejection letter. I realized then I will have to do it myself if I ever want to publish something. So, I did this for myself and for the few who would read it.

Now that the book is published, I hope you enjoyed the reading. If you did enjoy it, please do me a huge favor and post a review. You can do it at any of the following places. 


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