In English

I got a simple question from a high school friend in South-Africa. Of course the question was in Afrikaans and I responded likewise. I thought it may be a good idea to translate my response for my English speaking friends.

“What is the book about?” he asked. Below is my answer back to him.

First of all, remember it is fiction!! Although people who know me will think different once they have read the book. I used some of my personal experiences from living in a dormitory for five years in high school, being in the South African military, living on campus at university and my first job at a bank to make the story more realistic.

Naturally having been in the military, I had to open the book with a black Mercedes being blown to pieces when it strikes a landmine.

The story takes place mostly in the USA where Charlie O’Neal lives and work as an IT consultant. He is outraged when he discovers how his co-workers, mostly immigrants like him, are being exploited by their employer. In his search for answers and the truth, he is faced with his own past that he tried to forget. The painful memories that drove him out of South Africa includes a secret bank account. The only question is, is the money really his?

But then, there is also the mysterious Sir Archibald from his past that he has to consider? Who is he? Is he working for him? How does the cat fit into the story?

I cannot really say more without giving away too much of the book. You will have to read it.

The book is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle versions. Please get one and give your opinion by leaving a review on Amazon. As we all know, it is reviews that sells books. I will appreciate your help.


Click on this link to order the paperback version from Amazon.

Click on this link for the kindle version on Amazon.

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