Paper vs e-book

Learning to publish a book, is like drinking from a firehose! I thought writing a book would be the most difficult part, but then I started self publishing! It’s not for the faint hearted.

I had some questions about the paper back version. It will be available on March 23rd for ordering on Amazon. Why only on the 23rd you may ask? Duh!! Its a prime number! And, there are still a few typos the author needs to fix.

For those who order the printed paper back version on Amazon, you will be able to download the Amazon kindle e-book version for free. I am self publishing, and Amazon makes it is possible to do print-on-demand (POD). That way the book is printed at the location closest to you.

Will the book be available in any other formats? Yes, eventually. I am working on a hardcover version and other e-book versions also. This is only a hobby for me and I have a full time “job” in the real world. So, time is limited to learn everything about a new industry. Did I hear you say “Hire a pro?” Good luck with that. If you do not have a “platform” to sell from or are some celebrity, your query letters go to the trash immediately. Agents don’t even bother to respond. “Get off your soap box Christo! he said to himself”

Thank you for your support. If you live in Memphis, or visit, I will gladly sign your book. I cannot wait to get my hands on the first printed version. It’s exciting… at least for me.

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