This is my story

“Where do I even start? Yes, the beginning is a good idea.” – Me

To write a book, was always a dream of mine. I know! That is what all writers say. I just never had the guts to start and complete one. I thought about it many times, and family and friends jokingly asked me about it. Unknowingly they were just confirming something I already secretly asked God to confirm to me.

Isiah 33: “And now, go, write it before them on a tablet and inscribe it in a book, that it may be for the time to come as a witness forever.”

The only problem was, I was not sure what to write about. Should it be a technical book about my work, an autobiography, or fiction novel.

In the eighties I tried to write a technical book, but the publisher had other ideas. I was asked to sort and format a crossword puzzle book, and never went beyond the outline and first chapter of my book.

My next attempt was in 2002 when I co-authored another technical book about CRM Analytics. It was published by the company I worked for at the time, and except for a pat on the back, I got nothing from it.

Then in August 2017, I read a book by John Grisham “Camino Island”, and I knew I was going to write a fiction novel.

I already tried a technical book and was not interested in another one. Just use “F1” if you need help. I also threw away the idea of an autobiography, since I do not have a platform to sell from, and nobody are really interested in the story of my life.

Then I started with a fictional character Charlie, and it went from “Project Charlie” to “When Shift Doesn’t Happen.”

If everything goes according to plan, I will launch my first fiction novel in the Spring of 2019 on Amazon.

Hold on – Here we go!.



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